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About a month ago, one of my closest friends texted me and told me that they were in a room with Joe Budden. I called them immediately, curious about what that meant in the age of COVID-19. And sure enough, when they answered my call from their computer, there was the voice of Joe Budden, on the increasingly popular Clubhouse app, responding to a comment my friend had made about something I can’t even recall now.

Shortly thereafter, this same friend sent me an invitation to join Clubhouse. I accepted with reluctance…

As the influx of interest in anti-racism and anti-oppression work continues to grow, I think it’s important for organizational leaders to consider how they go about hiring anti-racism consultants to help them on their journey. Here are some things you need to know:

  1. Be critical of major organizations and universities that have developed anti-racism courses and advice columns overnight. Among university leaders, boards, and senior leaders across the U.S., the demographics skew largely cis, male, and white. Because of the increased investment in anti-racism consulting and training, a number of these organizations have created course, advice columns, and marketing strategies…

This is what happened next.

One Saturday afternoon, I’m getting dressed to meet my mom and brother for a quick ride to Midway Airport in Chicago. I had just spent the morning working on the finishing touches for my course: How to Write About Gender, a four-week course I created after my community exploded (in the most positive way) over two webinars of the same topic that I hosted last year. I close my laptop and hurriedly grab my bookbag and some lemonade before walking downstairs to find my Uber.

The driver, Larry, is waiting out front when I step…

I’ve seen it many times. A white woman causes harm within a digital space and when she’s called-in: she leans all the way. She refuses to see the hurt she’s caused. She believes that her mistake means that she is a mistake (see white supremacy culture here). She lies. Cries. She blames the Black or brown person for holding her accountable. But there is a different path — a path that leads to liberation.

And this means embracing accountability. To prime yourself for being held accountable on social media when you say something or do something that hurts BIPOC communities…

In the world of “leanest, liveable weight” as self-care advice, women who counsel are paid to push other women over the edge.

graphic by me

Earlier this year, GOOP, a brand launched by Gwyneth Paltrow in 2008, which has come under fire repeatedly for trolling our collective sense of self-worth, published an article called “Busting Diet Myths”. In this article, a Dr. Traci Mann explains that we should aim for our “leanest, liveable weight” which she describes as “the weight at the low end of your ‘set range.”

What the f*** is a set range?

GOOP and Dr. Mann were reasonably criticized for the article because it’s dangerous. If you’re going to give advice and you plan on telling women, who are already conditioned to…

Lessons From a White Supremacy Detective #1: Writing With Privilege, Power, and Prejudice in Mind

I literally smash things for a living- namely racism and genderphobia and as you might guess, I’m surrounded by lessons about power, equity and anti-oppression. Lessons from a white supremacy detective is a series of 10 things I’ve learned about people, systems, and how we use our power to do great shit in the world. Here’s #1.

U got power, privilege, prejudice- u name it!

I’m an anti-oppression consultant and multidisciplinary artist, and one of the things I do at the convergence of both is radical copy editing. Meaning, people hire me to help them refine personal essays, all staff emails, ads for Facebook, copy for websites etc…

The essay, “The Humiliation of Aziz Ansari” published by The Atlantic this week is proof that white woman nostalgia egged on by internalized sexism (with no recollection of what actually happened in the past) is a danger to us all.

artist: jenny holzer

Where do I fucking start? I mean I don’t even know where to begin. I do know, though, that I’m not going to open an essay by saying that I don’t “get the tune” of contemporary sexual politics, but will power through in hopes that something will come to me as I go. Especially not when the topic of discussion…

McKensie Mack

Founder & CEO of MMG | Anti-Oppression Consultant | mckensiemack.com | They/Them/Their

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